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she fancies the nancies...

Erynn de Kay
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well, this is me...aren't you excited?

general interests: progression, astrology, voyeurism, moderate weather, satanism, underage boys, opiates and opiods, boylan ginger ale, glbt+ advocacy, hand bags, lists, flames and dames, nancy boys, responsible drug use, david attenborough, raw feeding for pets, gay pornography, the inner circle, ferrets, hookahs, skulls, shopping, seattle, the green tortoise hostel, pet stores, bass, individuals, snakes, horses, the art of film, vancouver, tea time, trench coats, black things, eating fresh, jonathan rhys meyers, vampires, pederasty, smarties, accents, casual drinking (gin and tonic, jack and coke, long island iced tea, caesars), gardettos, tattoos, vintage fridges, darklings, heartbeats, sleep, contrast, expression.

music: the crüxshadows. christian death. velvet acid christ. mindless self indulgence. cradle of filth. boards of canada. david bowie. black strobe. black tape for a blue girl. low. nine inch nails. gary numan. placebo. dope stars inc. 45 grave. the cure. billy idol. duran duran. dead can dance. switchblade symphony. scarling. the sex pistols. motley crue. bauhaus. tool. the kovenant. depeche mode. dimmu borgir. boy george. aphex twin. elton john. cinema strange. scissor sisters. zeromancer. voltaire. razed in black. him. dresden dolls. covenant. london after midnight. the velvet underground. the black heart procession. wumpscut. pansy division. marilyn manson. josh groban. combichrist. electric hellfire club. lou reed. the 69 eyes. autolux. bloody dead and sexy. skinny puppy. cocteau twins. rasputina. vnv nation. portishead. clan of xymox. burzum. penis flytrap. fischerspooner...and more.

movies: velvet goldmine. the mouse and the motorcycle. interview with the vampire. hedwig and the angry inch. titus. sleepy hollow. the last unicorn. 8mm. american history x. trainspotting. requiem for a dream. watership down. spun. from hell. fear and loathing in las vegas. cradle of fear. the godfather. scarface. the ninth gate. quills. fight club. the devil's advocate. life as a house. edward scissorhands. pee-wee's big adventure. memento. secret window. me and you and everyone we know. the black stallion. modern times (and any other chaplin film). a clockwork orange. se7en. the lost boys. charlie and the chocolate factory. party monster. rocky horror picture show. wilde. snatch. the lord of the rings triology. national lampoon's christmas vacation. the limey. forrest gump. sin city. american pyshco. the machinist. romper stomper. pink flamingos. labyrinth. the lion in winter. brokeback mountain. breakfast on pluto...and many more.

television: queer as folk. house. aqua teen hunger force. criss angel's mindfreak. csi las vegas. red dwarf. web dreams. seinfeld. reno 911. the daily show with jon stewart. the colbert report. arrested development. rescue me. weeds.

Marriage is love.